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Gepetto Wittleman....That's Me!

Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Gepetto Wittleman. I'm 37 years old and my passion is wood carving. What started out as a hobby has now became a full time job and I acquire a pretty steady income from it. If you are looking to try a new hobby, this one won't disappoint! I find it relaxing, fun, and most importantly, rewarding! What I enjoy most, is the happiness my creations brings to my clients that purchase them. A lot of my sales end up being gifts for their loved ones. I accept special orders and I make it a point to always deliver on time!

My uncle introduced me to carving when I was a teenager. His grandmother taught him, so I guess one could say I have wood shavings in my veins! In my blog, you are going to read about various patterns and see my photo gallery from my first carving I created when I was 16, to my latest creation of my boxer pup, Sam. I've uploaded step-by-step videos that cover the process of wood carving. A few of the topics I plan on discussing are how wood carving works, how to get started if you are a beginner, the cost of the hobby, and specific tools. There are all kinds of cool gadgets and machines that I use when I carve, but I primarily like to stick with my trusty chisel and V-tool.

The art of wood carving takes a lot of practice and even more patience. Choosing the correct wood will help ease some of the frustrations you might acquire. My wood of choice is Basswood. Its light color is nice and it has a fine grain. Medium grain, White Pine, is good too. So grab your favorite type of wood and follow me as we carve together!


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